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Monday, March 9, 2015

About The blog

Motherhood is the greatest blessing a woman enjoys, feeling a tiny life take form in you, holding it in your arms and watch it grow, learn and play. Blessed is the child who is born to a loving and caring parent, but most of all blessed is the mother who delivers a healthy and happy baby. When I first entered the threshold of motherhood I was full of doubts and uncertainity. Late pregnancy, obesity, gesticial diabetics were not helping at all. When you have the responsibility of another life in your hands you can never be too careful, especially when it is so innocent and precious. You are responsible for sculpting a whole new life and that responsibility should not be taken lightly. As everywomen does I have turned to the all knowing Internet for most of my answers but then I found out that no one can tell you exactly how to do it, how to be a good mother. They can suggest you but you have to take the journey alone with your child. Every one has a story to tell and this one is mine. In the following blogs I will reveal some of the challenges I faced, some disasters I made, much knowledge I gathered and most of all the fears I overcame. You will find some useful websites and books I ran into when I was browsing the net, but you will also occasionally find me yapping about some story I heard, or start lecturing about how it should or shouldn't be, just bear with me, after all this is my blog... Cheers  

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